Medshop Express - Non arrival of order

Wollongong, New South Wales 2 comments
Not resolved

On the 07/26/2012 I ordered 12 x Revlon colour Permanent Medium Auburn # 42 from 'Medshop Express' and paid through paypal $81.80 US / $80.03 AUD.

I have as yet not recieved this order. I took longer to follow up the order as I figured the distance travelled was a consideration. I received a notification from Paypal that the order had been shipped to me, how ever due to circumstances beyond my controll I am unable to furnish you with a transaction

ID # . Susan Wood

3/40 Macrossan Street

Childers, Queensland 4660

Australia. Phone number 07 4126 3395



Replacement of 12x revlon hair colorant arrived today. thanky you to all at medshop express :grin


Medshop Express have contacted me and have forwarded me a replacement shipment, yet to arrive.Will keep you advised.

Thank you Medshop Express.:grin

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