Medshop Express - Excellent service

Minneapolis, Minnesota 0 comments
Not resolved

My order was shipped as complete, but actually was only partially filled.I called the customer service number, and the phone was immediately answered by a very helpful and friendly person ( no pushing six keys to get to talk to someone!).

She checked on my order (No. 445339), verified what should have been sent and what was missing, apologized for the problem, said she'd check with her supervisor and would send out the missing part of the order. The next day she phoned back to report that the remaining items had just been sent and I'd get them in a few days and again apologized for the incomplete order.

I did receive the rest of the order shortly.It was a pleasure to deal with customer service, have them address the problem so quickly and not to be put on "hold" or get sent to several extensions.

This reviewer shared experience about good customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall satisfied with Medshop Express. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her for further discussion of this matter.

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Medshop Express - Non arrival of order

Wollongong, New South Wales 2 comments
Not resolved

On the 07/26/2012 I ordered 12 x Revlon colour Permanent Medium Auburn # 42 from 'Medshop Express' and paid through paypal $81.80 US / $80.03 AUD.

I have as yet not recieved this order. I took longer to follow up the order as I figured the distance travelled was a consideration. I received a notification from Paypal that the order had been shipped to me, how ever due to circumstances beyond my controll I am unable to furnish you with a transaction

ID # . Susan Wood

3/40 Macrossan Street

Childers, Queensland 4660

Australia. Phone number 07 4126 3395



Replacement of 12x revlon hair colorant arrived today. thanky you to all at medshop express :grin


Medshop Express have contacted me and have forwarded me a replacement shipment, yet to arrive.Will keep you advised.

Thank you Medshop Express.:grin

Medshop Express - WTF happened to my order??

Halethorpe, Maryland 2 comments

I ordered Primatene Mist from on 6/1/2011 and paid to have it shipped via UPS.Since I hadn't received my product yet, I decided to go the email that they sent me track my package.

Needless to say, there was no tracking information. I went to the MedshopExpress website looking for a customer service number, and guess what…. NO PHONE NUMBER. You have to first register with the company and then you can email them a ticket.

Well a lot of help that was, I just got a generic email back saying that my order has been updated. Updated? What does that mean? I don't need an update, I need my order..

Hello? Remember I ordered Primatene Mist…… I can't breathe!!!!!

Never again will I use this company.Who would drop the ball on something as important as someone being able to breathe?

Review about: Primatene Mist.


Nice, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'azur, France #763362

I have the same problem, i did'nt recive my oder since 3 month, what are the soulution? and how to gets back the money???


i just read someone elses complaint and it was similar.its hard to trust mail orders, things get lost all the time.

does your insurance cover retail pharmacy?if they do i suggest using them.

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